Wood Topped Banjo


Wood topped banjos are not a new idea, but one that is much less common than other types. I first designed mine for use in clawhammer banjo workshops, for folks that wanted to take the workshops but didn’t have a banjo. The first ones had plywood tops; open backs and had a unique sound, better than they should have for an extremely simple instrument. They have evolved quite a bit over the last few years. Now they featured all solid hardwood construction with a hexagon shaped body. They are much more resonant than the first batch. I am currently working on another variety, various hardwood backs and sides with x-braced spruce tops.

These makes great practice instruments, you can play them late at night without keeping the entire family awake. They have a unique sound and can add great flavor to the arrangements of a tune. To top it off they have a very cool sound through a microphone and PA.


Neck & Fingerboard : Maple

Body: Black Walnut, Cherry, other woods, as available

Top: Matching Hardwood

Dowel Stick: Matching Hardwood

Bridge: Maple, capped with various hardwoods

Scale: 25.5”

Available with, or without scooped fingerboard

Also, available with a closed back and spruce top at additional cost.

Base price: $175.00

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