Timberland Banjo



The Timberland Banjo originally was an attempt to build a great banjo at an inexpensive price. The rim is based on a Weymann Mega-phonic banjo. The original was a resonator model. I took the Weymann idea of eliminating the shoes and bolts from the rim and expanded it to a 12’ open back design. It was and experiment that turned out very well. The results far exceeded expectations, these very lightweight banjos sound great. They possess a “woodier” tone than my Standard model. They are not just a “budget” banjo, but great banjos in their own right.

We are currently building the Timberland model with maple, cherry, mahogany, and black walnut rims, all featuring hard maple integral tone rings.


Scale Length: 25 ½”

Outside Rim Diameter: 13-3/4”

Tone Ring: Integral Maple

Total Length: 36”

Nut Width: 1-1/4”

Nut: Bone

Fingerboard Width @ Rim:  1-15/16”

Tuners: Saga P-149

Case: Carrion Hardshell

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